Going to the AGU Editor-in-Chief meeting next week

Next week there is a 2-day meeting of all of the editors-in-chief of the various journals published by the American Geophysical Union. This is a fairly new development in AGU history, implemented to help foster conversations about broader topics that cut across many journals: topics like digital publishing, reviewing procedures, GEMS website design and maintenance, the availability and data and codes used in scientific result creation, and the general promotion of AGU journals. There is some overlap in discussion topics with the AGU Publications committee agenda, a committee consisting of AGU community members. We had a brief meeting of the AGU EiCs at the Fall AGU Meeting in San Francisco a few weeks ago, so I got to meet most of the others then. I am looking forward to spending time with the others and talking about larger publication-related issues beyond the daily tasks of assigning reviewers and deciding the fate of manuscripts.

I took this position with several new ideas about where to take JGR-Space Physics, including some thoughts on where AGU publications as a whole are headed. As I head off for this meeting next Monday, however, I would like to go armed with community input. If you have comments, concerns, or suggestions regarding the topics listed above, or any other topic of broad interest to AGU publications, then please either insert them as a comment below or email them directly to me.


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