Expect to Hear From Us

As both authors and referees for JGR-Space Physics, the research community regularly interacts with the journal’s editors. Most of this interaction, however, is through form-letter emails requesting you to review a manuscript or informing you of our decision about a manuscript.

With the new set of editors, you will hear more from us. Not only have I created a Facebook page and this WordPress blog as a community forum about the journal, but we will also be directly emailing both authors and referees more than in the past. If you are reviewing a manuscript and we find your evaluation to be incomplete, then you will receive a note from the editor in charge requesting additional comments on specific aspects and issues. Corresponding authors can also expect more communication from us, especially regarding our thoughts about specific comments in referee reports or to negotiate the timeliness of a resubmission (if it takes too long, we will reject it).

This goes the other way, too. Authors and referees, please feel free to click the “send manuscript correspondence” button whenever you have a question or comment about the submission, reviewing, or editorial decision process. We want to hear from you and we want to be responsive to the needs of the community.


One thought on “Expect to Hear From Us

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