New for 2014 with JGR-Space Physics

Agreeing to apply for the Editor-in-Chief position was not an easy choice for me. Far easier would have been to say, “No, I cannot fit that into my life right now.” But I thought about what I would do as EiC and why I would want this job, and I came up with several things that I would like to do with the journal during my term as its leader.

First, I would like to improve the consistency of reviewing. I would like referees to address all aspects of the manuscript in their first report, from the introduction through the methodology and results up to the discussion and conclusion. Each of these sections has a purpose and referees should examine each section to ensure that it fulfills that purpose. A single-paragraph review will no longer suffice.

Second, I would like to communicate to authors that there is a high bar for publication in JGR-Space Physics. A published paper should make an original contribution to the field. It does not have to be a revolutionary breakthrough, and in many cases it is the evolutionary steps of many studies that leads to the new understanding within a particular field. However, it does have to be significant, a paper that has a good prospect of being cited by others and making an impact on the field.

Third, I would like to promote community-wide efforts to push a field forward with the use of more special sections. I think that special sections are excellent ways to organize ourselves with respect to a specific issue, and it becomes a focal point for others to go to find the latest research on that topic. I highly encourage requests for special sections; the form is very easy and the main task of the proposer is publicizing it and encouraging potential authors to write a paper for it.

Fourth, I will actively participate in the discussions about AGU publications and the broader issues that cut across all of its journals. This has already begun, and I am looking forward to the EiC meeting next week.

In addition, I am talking regularly with the other editors on my team and with the AGU staff to come up with other ways to improve the journal. They are an outstanding crew and I look forward to working with them over the months and years ahead.

Finally, I would like to increase the communication to and from the journal’s editorial board with the community. Thus this blog, the new Facebook page, regular announcements in the SPA Newsletter, and other communications. I look forward to hearing from you.

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