What is the bar for publication?

When considering submission of a manuscript to JGR-Space Physics, I would like for authors to think seriously about the contribution that the paper is making to the field. Every paper needs to make an original contribution to knowledge of the space environment. But is there a clearly defined bar for publication in this journal?

The short answer is no. It is up to the editors to decide the fate of a submitted manuscript, with the guidance of the evaluations from the referees. As EiC, I assign the papers to the editors (including myself), mostly based on expertise of the editor in the particular topic addressed by the study. The editor also has access to assistant editors, which JGR-Space Physics uses as “super reviewers” to take on difficult papers or to arbitrate divergent evaluations, and these assistant editors are numerous and cover essentially all fields of the journal. When it comes down to it, though, there are no set criteria for warranting acceptance or rejection.

I would like to, at least qualitatively, define these criteria. As a new editorial board, we are discussing this right now, and we will make our policies public. During this deliberation phase, however, I would like to open it up to input from the community.

Please share your thoughts on what the “bar for acceptance” should be for JGR-Space Physics.


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