What a Great Meeting!

I thoroughly enjoyed my first Editor-in-Chief Meeting! What a great group of people. It was actually chaired by Rob van der Hilst of MIT, the AGU Publication committee chair, and he assembled an excellent agenda and kept us, for the most part, on time. This even included a special breakout session conversation on future scenarios of digital publishing and how AGU should respond to the uncertainties that lay ahead. The meeting was part information download to us but there was ample time throughout the two days for feedback to AGU and a conversation about priorities among the editors.

Even moreso than the editors, I would like to thank the AGU staff. Brooks Hanson, the Director of Publications for AGU, is a fantastic leader who is helping to steer the AGU publications ship in the right direction. And the rest of the AGU publicatoins crew is fantastic as well. I like every single one of them.

I also want to give a special call out to the Wiley staff that were there. The more I meet people from Wiley, the more I am impressed with their company’s culture and their approach to scholarly publishing. They are a friendly group of dedicated staff that really want this to work. I know that there were rough patches and problems during the transition to Wiley as the publisher of AGU journals, but I am firmly convinced that this switch was the right decision and that AGU will reap huge benefits from this partnership. They are committed to making AGU journals a top product, not only surviving the continual digital age transformations, but thriving and growing.

From this meeting, I now have twenty new topics for blog posts and a to-do list longer than my arm. It’s all good, though: I am excited about being the editor-in-chief of JGR-Space Physics and hope to keep up the enthusiasm as long as possible (it will last at least until the irate authors I just rejected start calling me up…).


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