Please Do Not Select the Outgoing Editors

As Editor-in-Chief, one of my roles is to make the assignments of which editor gets what new manuscripts. The biggest factor going into this decision is the scientific specialty of the paper, and I try to pick the editor with the most expertise in the particular topic. Because our expertise overlaps a bit, I also take into account load balance so that the work is distributed fairly between us.

As authors, at some point in the GEMS manuscript submission process you are asked for your “editor preference” regarding which one of us will handle your manuscript. I take this into account in deciding who should be the editor in charge of that manuscript.

Right now and for the next few months, both the old and new set of editors are listed in this pull-down menu. Please stop selecting the outgoing editors (Bob Lysak, Masaki Fujimoto, and Philippa Browning). While they are shepherding their already-assigned manuscripts through the editorial-decision process, I am not assigning them any new papers. They have served the community for many years in this role and would like to step down from it. If I assigned them a new paper, then it is potentially many more months of additional work.

By the way, once an editor is assigned, then that person is in charge of that manuscript not only for the initial submission but also for subsequent submissions of revised versions. The manuscript goes directly to the assigned editor and I am not involved in that assignment. So, the previous editors are still going to handle any resubmissions of those manuscripts already assigned to them from before the change-over. Even these manuscripts will be handed over to the new editorial board at some point, probably in a few months.

On a related note: only the assigned editor can see the paper in the GEMS system. Please don’t ask other editors to look up your paper in the system. Even if they could, they shouldn’t, so please do not put them (or me) in that ethical dilemma.


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