AGU Publication Policies Website

Just in case you one that does not spend your leisure hours browsing the AGU Publications website, I’d like to make you aware of this particular page:

It is the master list of AGU-wide publication policy statements. This blog post is the first in a series about these policies. Here, I am simply pointing out their existence and making a general call for you to peruse these pages. Most are links to other pages while a few are links to PDFs of Eos articles. Please have a look at these; as authors and reviewers, you are responsible for abiding by them. I will have a separate post on each one of these links in the coming months, interspersed with other topics. In these posts, I won’t just restate the policy, but offer specifics on how these policies are implemented for JGR-Space Physics.

Until then, happy reading in your copious free time.



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