JGR’s New Website

Wiley and AGU have been working together to redesign the website JGR-Space Physics and all of the other journals they jointly produce.  The current (old) website for the journal is here:


But you can see a preview of the new layout here:


I like it much better.  Don’t you?

Note that the two links are different not only by the “preview” at the beginning but also by an “agu” directory in the middle of the link.  You will also see the “AGU Publications” banner across the top, with links to all other AGU journals and publication resources in the pull-down menus there.

Note that the new page setup is not complete. The pages for specific papers are still in the old format, and the link on those pages go to the old front page for the journal. It’s getting there, though.  Wiley is being responsive to the wishes of AGU and the scientific community and trying to make a journal website that serves us well.  I now know a bunch of people at both AGU HQ and Wiley and can pass on suggestions for website improvement to the right people.


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