Cover Art For JGR-Space Physics

JGR-Space Physics now has cover art!  No more of the monochromatic blue.  We will now be selecting images from (or related to) the papers in print that month as a highlight and public relations graphic for the journal.

Yes, this is exceptionally ironic timing, given the end of actual print copies of the journal just a year or so ago.  However, it is still a worthwhile change for the journal.  We still post an “issue cover” graphic on the website, and for the last year it has been the old style blue-and-white block text format, always the same except for the date and volume-issue number.

Here is the cover graphic for January 2014:


Note that we are still retaining the traditional color of JGR-Space Physics; it is still JGR-Blue to those that wish to call it that (like me).

I will try to regularly rotate through the scientific disciplines covered by the journal, but I’m going to say right now that I am making no guarantee of being fair and balanced in my selection across science topics.  In addition to topical balance, we are including in our decision-making process the aesthetic appeal of the image.  Plus, it has to come from or be related to a paper appearing in that issue.

The submission procedure is very simple.  There is now a paragraph in the acceptance letter stating the option to submit a graphic for consideration as cover art.  It can be a figure from the paper itself, a different figure related to the topic of the paper, or an artistic rendition of the topic or main point of the paper.  You then just email it to AGU publications staff.  The graphic has to be submitted well before the end of the month in which the paper is officially published, but this still leaves a week or more to deliver a graphic (while the paper is with Wiley being converted to print version).

Also, please don’t be offended if your submission is not selected for the cover.  We hope that your nice figure will still be useful to you, as a PR image in talks and on your own website.  I hope that it is not time wasted for you, and our field could certainly benefit from many colorful and artistic images of we find interesting.

So, enjoy the new cover art, and I look forward to seeing your submissions in the months ahead!


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