How Does JGR’s Impact Factor Compare?

The list of 2012 Impact Factors for the usual suspects of space physics peer-reviewed publishing, from their Journal Citation Reports, in alphabetical order and to two significant digits:

  • Annales Geophysicae:  1.5
  • Advances in Space Research: 1.2
  • Astrophysical Journal:  6.7
  • Astrophysical Journal Letters:  6.3
  • Earth Planets and Space:  2.9
  • Geomagnetism and Aeronomy:  0.33
  • Geophysical Journal International: 2.9
  • Geophysical Research Letters:  4.0
  • Icarus:  3.2
  • Journal of Atmospheric and Solar-Terrestrial Physics:  1.4
  • Journal of Geophysical Research:  3.2
  • Physics of Plasmas:  2.4
  • Planetary and Space Science:  2.1
  • Radio Science:  1.0
  • Solar Physics:  3.3
  • Space Weather: 1.4


Those journals that typically publish space physics review articles:

  • Reviews of Geophysics:  14
  • Space Science Reviews:  5.5
  • Surveys in Geophysics:  4.1


Leading multidisciplinary journals of occasional relevance to us:

  • Nature:  39
  • Nature Geoscience:  12
  • Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences (USA): 9.7
  • Proceedings of the Royal Society -A (Math and Physics):  2.4
  • Science:  31


Other specialty journals to which model developers and instrument developers in our field sometimes submit papers:

  • Geoscientific Model Development:  5.0
  • Journal of Computational Physics:  2.1
  • Reviews of Scientific Instruments:  1.6
  • Journal of Spacecraft and Rockets:  0.50


The numbers kind of match my expectations of a journal’s reputation in the field, but not really.  Some Impacts Factors are surprisingly low while others are just as surprisingly high.  I’ll have more analysis of these numbers in later posts.


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