Editor-in-Chief Search for Earth and Space Science

Yet another Editor-in-Chief position is open at AGU right now, this one for the new AGU journal title, Earth and Space Science. This journal will be a fully open access, online-only journal that complements JGR, GRL, and pretty much all of the other journals already published by AGU. It’s scope covers original scientific contributions to space physics just like JGR-Space, but it will also include publication of methodology-only and data-set-presentation papers that don’t necessarily have a significant scientific contribution but enable future discovery.


At the very least, we will want to have one or more space physicists on the editorial board, but it would be very nice to have someone from our field as the inaugural editor of this new journal.

The press release on this new journal is here:


And the EiC ad is here:


Check it out if you are interested.

Today (Monday, March 31, 2014) is actually the deadline for submitting EiC nominations. However, the nomination is easy; it’s just an email letter of recommendation and CV to pubmatters@agu.org, and it can be either a self-nomination or a suggestion regarding another person. The more information you can provide to them the better of course, and   Pre-nomination inquiries are also welcome to this email address.  This could be a flexible deadline and they might take late nominations, but I wouldn’t push it too far past today’s deadline.


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