Updating the GEMS Website

AGU is starting the process of working with the vendor, eJournal Press, that wrote and maintains the GEMS manuscript submission and review website. For JGR-Space Physics, it’s here:


I am sure that many of you blog readers have had experience with GEMS, and that many of you have an opinion about the system. I hope that it’s a good opinion, but I am also sure that every one of you that has used GEMS has experienced something about it that you thought could be improved.

Now is the time to make your opinions and suggestions known. I cannot guarantee that every suggestion will be implemented, of course, but I can ensure that they are all made known to the proper crew at AGU who are making the decisions about what gets changed at the GEMS site. The more that AGU hears the same suggestion, the more that they are likely to make the change in the system. I am sending in periodic emails to the AGU staff about this topic and they greatly appreciate the feedback from the community about what works and what needs modification.

On that note, if there is something that you particularly like about GEMS and don’t want them to mess with, then please let me know that, too. Compliments about the system are also welcome during this revision process, and knowing that certain elements of the system are well liked by those that use it is very worthwhile to know. They won’t know, however, unless you let them know. Please feel free to comment below and/or email me directly regarding this topic. I keep track of comments and send in occasional emails to the AGU staff.


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