Current Open Special Sections

JGR-Space Physics currently has two open special sections (in the process of being renamed Special Collections). One is “Origins and Properties of Kappa Distributions,” a cross-disciplinary solicitation that welcomes manuscripts that deal with the topic of kappa (Lorentzian) distributions. They are often seen in particle populations across many domains of space physics, and this special section aims to coalesce the new research on the subject. The call has been open for a month now with a closing date of July 31. If your work involves this nonMaxwellian distribution function, then please consider submitting a paper to the special section some time in the next three months.

The second special section just opened up for submissions as of yesterday, “New perspectives on Earth’s radiation belt regions from the prime mission of the Van Allen Probes.” It will be open through the summer and fall, with a submission deadline of November 21, just after the official end date of the Van Allen Probes’ prime mission. So, there is plenty of time for you to get involved with this mission, conduct a data analysis study, and write a paper.

The Wiley/AGU page with the details of the current “Call for Papers” announcements for JGR-Space Physics is here:

All papers submitted to any special section are handled by the journal’s regular editorial board, not by the guest editors for the special section. Guest editors focus on promotion of the special section’s existence through any/all available channels (newsletters, targeted emails, announcements at conferences and meetings, etc.) and, if they choose, keeping track of the submissions so they can better target follow-up emails with prospective authors. Also, note that anyone can submit a manuscript to a special section; they are not by invitation only or exclusively for those that attended some topical meeting. In fact, neither of these is from a topical meeting, but rather from special sessions at the 2013 Fall AGU Meeting.

I am very much in favor of special sections in JGR-Space Physics. I think that they help motivate researchers to write up their findings into manuscripts, provide a convenient location for finding the latest results on a specific topic, and spur the community on to new investigations and insights based on the collective scientific advancement across the papers within the special section. If you have an idea for a special section, then please send an email to me or any of the editors for JGR-Space Physics. We are all happy to start a conversation with you about possible special section topics.



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