Please Thank The Outgoing Editors

It is official: the outgoing editorial board of JGR-Space Physics is done with their service commitment. They have no more papers in the queue. So, please join me in extending a huge thank you to these three brave members of our community since late fall 2009 until now:

  • Bob Lysak, University of Minnesota
  • Masaki Fujimoto, ISAS, JAXA, Japan
  • Philippa Browning, University of Manchester

We (me and the new editorial board) took over all new submissions just after the Fall AGU Meeting, but these three kept processing those papers for which they were already assigned as editor. Manuscripts can linger in the system, though, waiting for reviews and then revisions to come in, and while their workload has steadily declined over the past few months, it continued for them. A few weeks ago, we reassigned all of the remaining papers from them to one of the new editors. So, they are officially done.

Again, I would like to say: please thank these people the next time you see them. They have done a tremendous job at keeping JGR-Space Physics as the premiere journal in the field.

Also, as a personal side note: please stop requesting them on the GEMS manuscript submission system. They have not been taking new papers since December, and now I hope their names will be removed in the very near future. But until then, please stop selecting them as your preferred editor.

Now that I have been an editor for six months or so, I understand the sacrifice that they put in for our field. The number of hours they have devoted for our sake is enormous. Just think about it: they have worked on this task for at least an hour a day, every work day, for the last four and a half years. A conservative estimate puts their effort at 1200 hours of work, at least. That’s 30 full work-weeks! And remember, that’s a minimum guestimate.

Note that my commitment is actually a bit less than this because now we have five editors instead of only three, so the daily work load has been reduced. Thankfully, too. You people are prolific writers. It piles up, as well. I have gone a day or two of ignoring GEMS only to find a plethora of red arrows awaiting me upon my return to the system.

Yes, they were paid to do this; AGU provides an honorarium to the editors of its journals. But it is time away from other tasks, either work or home. They have all made a huge sacrifice on our behalf, and I, for one, am extremely grateful for all that they have done for the space physics community.

In closing: Bob, Masaki, and Philippa: thank you very much. I owe you all a drink sometime. Cheers!



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