JGR-Space Physics Editorial Board Meeting

We, the editors of JGR-Space Physics, just completed our editorial board meeting at AGU HQ. It was an excellent 2 days of presentations by and conversation with AGU and Wiley staff. I am continually impressed by these two organizations.

We heard from AGU Executive Director Christine McEntee about the state of AGU and the big-picture topics coming up for the Union, we heard from AGU Director of Publications Brooks Hanson about the state of publications at AGU and the many new developments in this area, including a long-range strategic plan for the society’s publication portfolio. Dana Rehm, the Director of Marketing, Communications, and Engagement, told us about new websites on the horizon, like Eos.org, which I think will be an engaging new platform for both AGU members and the public. Barb Richman, the Eos Editor-in-Chief, also talked with us about the evolving nature of our society’s newspaper, especially focusing on the Research Spotlight blurbs about interesting papers in AGU journals. Peter Weiss, the Manager of Public Information for AGU, told us that the society gets roughly 20,000 media mentions per year, and reminded us of the existence of the GeoSpace blog, about science conducted by AGU members, including space physics. Joan Buhrman, Manager of Strategic Communications, informed us of resources available to AGU members for improving our abilities to talk to those beyond their own scientific community (other scientists, media, general public, policy makers, etc.). We heard from Wiley marketing managers Anne Stone, Mirelle Mascovitch, and Swapna Padhye about their efforts to increase the circulation of AGU journals. Brooks also walked us through the beta version of the soon-to-be-released new Wiley website for the journal, and our tireless journal-specific staffers, Brian Sedora and Mike Crowner, fielded questions about the GEMS website.

In addition, we had open-form conversations about pretty much everything regarding the journal. We talked about the review process, the Data Policy, Associate Editor functions, Smiilarity Reports, Impact Factors, website improvements, what meetings we’re attending the coming year, the hot topics in the field, and special collections. Of course, we developed a long list of action items to carry out in the weeks ahead.

I will be writing a string of posts on information from this meeting. I hope that you find it useful. I am very grateful that AGU allowed us to hold such an in-person meeting this summer and I am rejuvenated in my excitement to serve as your Editor-in-Chief for JGR-Space Physics.


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