New AGU Journal Launched

It’s official, Earth and Space Sciences is the newest AGU journal. The page at the AGU site describing it is here (click on the logo swoosh):


and my earlier posts about it are here and here.

John Orcutt is the inaugural editor of the journal, a well-respected physical oceanographer with a long history of scientific publishing. I wish him the best in this endeavor.

He has a challenging yet interesting job ahead of him. This journal covers the entire breadth of topics across the scope of AGU, much like GRL. Because it is just starting, though, he is the only editor for now. Once it gains traction and builds a robust submission rate, more editors in other specialties will be added to the team. It will include both research articles and papers detailing the availability of and methodology behind relevant data sets, field observations, numerical models, and laboratory techniques. That is, the scope of ESS is actually broader than just JGR or GRL.

While I think that JGR-Space Physics is still the place to go with your most significant contributions to the field, Earth and Space Science is another option for you to consider. This is especially true if you think that the work has implications or applications beyond space physics. In addition, it is an entirely Open Access publication. While the pub fee, set at $1800, is higher than the nominal fee of $1000 for JGR, it is half the cost for full Open Access in JGR. Even better, all fees are waived for submissions to ESS through 19 December 2014 (the end of week of the Fall AGU Meeting). So, this might also be factor in deciding to publish in ESS.

I didn’t see a place to sign up for table of content alerts, but perhaps that is premature, as they are just now accepting manuscript submissions. We should see the first issue in a few months.

In support of this new journal launch, I am tasking myself with submitting a manuscript to Earth and Space Science within the next 12 months. Hopefully I can make it by the free publication cutoff late this year.



4 thoughts on “New AGU Journal Launched

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