AGU Has an Open Search For a New EiC of Radio Science

Happy Halloween!

I would like to reiterate the call in Eos, the SPA Newsletter, and other places that there is an open call for nominations/applications for the Editor-in-Chief of Radio Science. The announcement can be found here:

The PDF of the call with full details is here:

Radio Science has been around for near 50 years. It focuses on ” measurement, modeling, prediction, and forecasting techniques pertinent to fields and waves.” In perusing the recent articles in the journal, it is mostly a space physics publication, specifically ionospheric in nature, but the topic is not limited to this field alone. There are also atmospheric and ground measurements made with radio frequency signals and a significant fraction of the papers in Radio Science extend its scope well beyond that of JGR Space Physics. Furthermore, while many of the papers are experimentally oriented, its focus is not limited to instrumentation and data analysis but spans theoretical and numerical studies of electromagnetic propagation and interaction with materials, fluids, or other waves. The only two things it specifically excludes are wave propagation in “biological media” or optical (i.e., visible) frequencies.


Radio Science has been doing very well the last few years under its current leadership crew. Dr. Paul Cannon of the University of Birmingham is the current EiC, who works along with one other editor, Joshua Le-Wei Li of the University of Science and Technology of China, and a long list of Associate Editors.

Sometimes a manuscript comes in to JGR Space Physics, Radio Science, or Space Weather that is better suited for one of the others. We work together with the author to fit the manuscript into the publication that will reach the appropriate audience and best fit the scope of the journal. So, I am very interested to see who is selected for this position, because it is someone with whom I will regularly collaborate on editorial issues.

The deadline for applications is actually upon us: October 31. Yes, today! They are usually a bit flexible on these deadlines, though, so you probably have the weekend to mull it over. Please think about this, contact Paul with specific questions about editing and leading this journal, and consider serving in this role for the space physics community. The application is simply a letter of interest and a CV. In fact, you can even nominate someone else, and the search committee will take this into account in their deliberations.


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