Figure File Transfers in GEMS

There is a cool new feature in the GEM manuscript submission system of which I think people should be made aware. A quote from the page: “You are now able to transfer files from the previous version of your manuscript. If you have already uploaded individual files in publication-ready formats, you may bring them over to the revised submission.”

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When authors are submitting a revised version of a manuscript, the “Upload Files” tab at the GEMS submission site will now have a table of files available for transfer from the previous version of the same paper. This list will include essentially everything except the manuscript text and responses to reviewers. The big things it will include are the figure files and the auxiliary material files. If the figure files are not being modified in the new version of your manuscript, then this new feature should save you time in uploading the revision.

Even if the figures are being renumbered, you can still transfer those that did not change. For instance, if you are inserting a new “Figure 1” into the methodology section of your paper, but otherwise keeping all of the other figures the same, then you will only need to upload that new figure and not all of the others. The others can be transferred from the earlier version and simply renumbered/relabeled in the GEMS system.

I am rather excited about this new feature. Considering that I just had a paper go through the system with 28 auxiliary files, none of which changed from initial submission to final acceptance, this would have been highly convenient for me to simply click the button and propagate the original upload from version to subsequent version. I hope that you find it a useful new tool when submitting revised manuscripts to AGU journals.

I say “to AGU journals” because this new feature has been installed across all of the GEMS submission sites. So, whether you are submitting to JGR Space Physics, JGR Planets, GRL, Space Weather, Reviews of Geophysics, Radio Science, or Earth and Space Science (I think I covered all of the AGU titles in which space papers appear), you have this option to transfer unchanged figure files from one version to the next.

I’d also like to point out that this feature is being added, at least in part, because of the space physics community’s conversational engagement with me about improving AGU journals. This feature in GEMS was requested by space physicists and I passed it on to AGU HQ. In their latest round of GEMS upgrades, they put it in. Now, perhaps AGU received many such requests, or perhaps they were already thinking of doing this. I have no idea if we can take full credit for its implementation, but I think that we can take a little bit. Thank you very much for your input! I appreciate it, I pass it on, and it has an effect. Keep it coming!


One thought on “Figure File Transfers in GEMS

  1. Mike,

    This Fig file transfer in GEMS is huge news. I had an author tell me, at a recent meeting, that the difficulty of dealing with GEMS resubmission was reason to go with submission to Space Weather and Climate.

    Delores Knipp

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