Keeping Up With Special Collection Submissions

We have several open or just closing calls for papers for special collections right now. You can see the full list in the Call for Papers link in the right-hand column at the JGR-Space Physics website. There are actually 6 on the list right now. Some are recently closed, like the one on kappa distributions, which is turning into an excellent collection spanning across all realms of space physics. Then there is the Van Allen Probes prime mission collection, for which the deadline just went by this last weekend but it is still open at the GEMS website for a short bit longer. There were a lot of submissions this past week because of this deadline! Oh my goodness! There is another collection on the Cluster close separation campaigns that has a rapidly approaching deadline at the end of this week. I expect an influx of manuscripts for that in the days ahead. After that, we have a collection on long-term changes in the stratosphere, mesosphere, thermosphere, and ionosphere, joint with JGR-Atmospheres, due at the end of the year, another on low-frequency waves in space plasmas due by the end of January, and a final open call right now on pulsating aurora that will be open through March. I look forward to seeing papers for these special collections come through the system.

This last week was a particularly heavy week for us with the Van Allen Probes special collection deadline. It was so much that it interrupted my own paper writing and I did not get a manuscript submitted to it by last Friday. I’ll have it ready soon and I still plan to submit it.

I got a bit behind this weekend because of computer issues. I bought a new iMac for my wife and it worked fine for the first few days. Then I powered it down to move it to a different location in the house, and upon restarting it, the computer refused to connect to the internet. It could see the Wifi network and, through the terminal prompt, could remotely connect to a laptop in the house, but could not see anything beyond that. Saturday and especially Sunday became a nightmarish struggle to think of new ways to test the problem and try to fix it. We searched for answers online and tried a number of different proposed fixes and nothing was working. Finally, late last night, we came across a terminal-prompt commanding sequence to “unload” and then “load” again this particular “plist” file buried in a system library. And it worked! Restarting the machine causes it to forget how to connect but now we have a two-line solution. I gave a big sigh of relief but also an angry growl at Apple. Their new operating system, Yosemite (Mac OS 10.10), is apparently not quite ready for full usage. The unload/load commands are not something we would have ever thought to do, and we are very grateful that we had another computer in the house to surf for this solution. I wasted a lot of time this weekend trying to get this working. Anyone else have problems with Yosemite?

Anyway, thank you for all of your submissions over the last week. There has been a steady uptick of new submissions in the last few months and, while I have not analyzed it thoroughly to directly link this to the calls, I am glad that the community is responding to our special collection calls for papers. Keep them coming!


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