JGR Space Physics Mugs

I love handmade pottery. I especially like funky mugs, and I have about a dozen in my office. I also get paid to be your Editor in Chief for JGR Space Physics, and so I thought I would share my love of crafted mugs with the space physics community.

Behold, the inaugural “JGR Blue” mug:

JGR mug with copyright

I commissioned a local potter, Autumn Aslakson (silent “s” near the beginning, so it is pronounced Alexson), to make the mugs. They were made at The Potters Guild of Ann Arbor, Michigan:


and Autumn’s other work can be seen here:



She had to work hard to get the glaze correct for the logo, but I think they turned out very nicely.

I felt the need for a hand-crafted JGR mug and, well, it would be a travesty to have just one mug specially made. Plus, I think they make great gifts for all of those that make JGR Space Physics such an incredible journal. Initially, I am sending them to AGU HQ publications staff, the other Editors, and the big crew of Associate Editors.  For those of you in this recipient list: the first wave is going out tomorrow. We’ll see how else I feel like distributing them; perhaps to top authors or outstanding referees, I don’t know. With my plan to spread them across the globe, I will probably be back to order more from her in the future.

As a final, tangential, but related request: please support your local artisans this holiday shopping season!


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