A New Look for Eos

In case you haven’t noticed the writing on your Fall AGU badge lanyard (or the emails from AGU), Eos, the weekly newspaper of the American Geophysical Union, has just undergone a complete revamp of its content presentation and dissemination to the world. There are two big changes: the online version is enhanced and much better than it used to be, and the print version will now be in magazine format.

First off: the online content it is now at Eos.org. AGU has fully embraced the online distribution of news and information to the scientific community. I, for one, really like the new format and enhanced online interactivity of the content. Up until now, the only Eos content online were PDFs of the “print” newspaper, either as a whole issue or piecewise as individual articles. These PDFs however, looked exactly like the print version and were not dynamically hyperlinked or easily viewed on mobile devices. The content is all in “blog” format allowing comments and discussion for each article. They have also converted all content back a few months into the new format, so there is already quite a large body of news, opinion, blog posts, etc available for readers. In short, the new Eos.org website is a “real” online news site, and I hope that you all bookmark it and sign up for content alerts from it. Plus, it is completely free and open to the world, so please feel free to share its content however you see fit.

Secondly: the weekly newspaper is ending, and in early 2015, AGU is switching to a semi-monthly (1st and 15th) magazine format for the print version of Eos. This will also be available in a “tablet-friendly format” (i.e., scalable content and graphics). When you renew your AGU membership, you will be asked if you would like the print version of Eos mailed to you or if you prefer to just receive the digital version.

Finally, for those on Twitter, there is a new feed to be aware of: @AGU_Eos, which will tweet new content at the Eos.org website.

While this new website for Eos is fully launched and ready for use, AGU knows that it is the first version of this new platform for this publication. That is, they are very willing to hear your feedback on how it is working (positive feedback is always welcome!) and will seriously consider any suggestions for improvement. So, please look at it with a discerning eye and provide comments back to AGU; I am sure they will appreciate your assessment and input of the site.


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