Awesome Author Instructions

AGU has been making changes to the GEMS system over the last few months, and I’d like to let you know about one thing that I find very cool: the author instructions page. At the GEMS login site, there are several links along the top, and one is Author Instructions. This page gives you lots of information detailing what you need to know for submitting a manuscript to JGR Space Physics (or whatever AGU journal, this is available on all of the journal GEMS pages).

The “links” on the left expand into text right there on the page: “Journal Specific Requirements” discusses publication fees and paper types; “Initial Submissions” lists all of the information and files you need for the first upload of a paper; “Resubmissions and Revisions” tells you what you need for the subsequent uploads, which are slightly different because they want to streamline the transition to publication; and “Submission Process” gives you a heads-up on the order and format of the steps to submission.

On the right are links to other pages with information about the journal and some more detailed information about formats, guidelines, requirements, and available templates. While I like this entire page and think that AGU did a fantastic job laying out for easy use, the coolest thing on this page, in my opinion, is the Submission Checklist. This downloads a PDF with the full listing of all manuscript parts, submission steps, and file requirements. Perhaps its just me because I am huge fan of checklists, but this distills the entire process into a single sheet. Furthermore, if you need more information, the checklist includes many hyperlinks to the original documents with the full details on that topic.


Okay, I might be a little weird to be so excited about author instructions, but I find this page, and especially the checklist, to be a one-stop-shopping treasure trove of information that I hope makes your lives as JGR Space Physics authors much easier.


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