JGR Space Physics App Features

There are a couple of new features that I have noticed on the JGR Space Physics app on my phone. Maybe these were there all along, but I didn’t notice them when I first wrote about the app. I have been using the mobile app a little more in recent times and I really like what it has, so I thought I would share.


One is the button in the lower left corner when you are reading a paper. It opens a menu down the left-hand side with a bunch of shortcut buttons to info about the article. For instance, there is a “Find” button to search through the paper, quick links to the figures and references, a place to grab the citation, and a link to email a link to the article to someone. You can also download a PDF of the paper to your device.

At the Table of Contents for each issue, there is now a new button right near the top that says, “Download Issue.” Yes, a JGR-Space issue is huge (a couple hundred MBs), which is perhaps a little too much for my old phone, but what a cool feature! You can now grab the entire issue in one click and peruse it offline.

Just to say it again, the app is great because once you establish roaming access, then you can read articles anywhere with the app. The instructions on how to set of roaming access are available when you set up the app, which you should do while connected to your subscribing institutions wifi. Remember the critical issue about accessing the app content when away from your subscribing institution: you have to reinstate/refresh roaming access every 90 days. This is a bit of a pain but is the tradeoff to prevent fraud and abuse of access. From your subscribing institution’s network, you have to go to http://onlinelibrary.wiley.com, click the “log in/register” button in the upper right corner, then click the “My Profile” button in the upper right part of the page, then click “Roaming Access” in the left column, and finally click the link that says “Refresh Roaming Access” (if it is still active) or “Reinstate Roaming Access” (if it has expired). This allows you to keep going with anywhere-access with the app for another 90 days. Perhaps you can be space-oriented about remembering to do this and refresh every solstice and equinox.

Yes, that’s a lot of steps to renew “anywhere” access and yes, but it’s worth it when you are waiting to pick up your daughter from track practice. Doesn’t everyone read JGR Space Physics while waiting around for something?


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