Dual Affiliations

This is a clarification for all of you out there that have more than one affiliation.

If you are in need of multiple affiliations on papers, then you probably have noticed that the GEMS system only allows for one primary work address. You can designate a “temporary work address” but you must specify dates for which this other address is your primary contact information, during which GEMS will use this address instead of your primary one for contacting you about any submission or reviewing tasks. This seems awkward for those with multiple affiliations. How, then, does one indicate connection to more than one institution on a JGR Space Physics paper?

The answer is that the work address in GEMS is not used for the affiliation address on a paper, it is only used for contacting you for GEMS business. Thus, you only need one active address and, more specifically in the electronic age, one active email address. In fact, because AGU so rarely mails a hardcopy of anything regarding manuscript reviews and decisions, if you will still have access to your primary work email address while on temporary assignment somewhere else, then there really is little need to switch to the temporary work address in the GEMS system.

For the affiliations on the “in print” version of the paper, Wiley fills in these fields from the manuscript itself. So, if you have multiple affiliations, then please make sure you indicate that in the manuscript author list, as in the graphic below.


In Word, this is easy. In TeX, it takes a bit more work, but there are examples around to help you get the coding correct, such as the site that I got the graphic.


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