Outstanding Reviewers for JGR Space Physics

Every year, the editors of JGR Space Physics (and every other AGU journal) select a few people from the research community to receive a 2014 Editor’s Citation for Excellence in Scientific Refereeing. We are allowed to select a number of reviewers equal to 1% of the total number of new manuscript submissions that year. JGR Space Physics had 1099 new submissions, so we selected 11 people for special recognition.

It was a tough selection because this is such a small number. We used 1409 different people for reviewing tasks in 2014, so picking just 11 people is nearly impossible. In the end we had a long discussion and a vote. The 11 people that we selected to receive this award were (alphabetical order):

  • Chris Crabtree
  • Nirvikar Dashora
  • Michael Denton
  • Mark Engebretson
  • Lynn Kistler
  • Didier Mourenas
  • David Nunn
  • Ian Richardson
  • Craig Rodger
  • Anatoly Streltsov
  • Bruce Tsurutani

The Editors of JGR Space Physics are very grateful for their service to the journal. There will be a formal announcement in Eos very soon, but we submitted these names a month ago and I wanted to start the recognition process.

As I said, it was a very tough decision and there were many worthy candidates for this honor. I would like to thank all of our 1409 reviewers for their time and effort to maintain the high quality of research included in JGR Space Physics.

Note that we cannot pick Associate Editors for this award, even though one of their primary functions for the journal is to serve as “super reviewers,” doing more than an average share and being arbitrators for difficult papers. We also thank all of our AEs for their dedication and service to the journal and the research community.


2 thoughts on “Outstanding Reviewers for JGR Space Physics

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