Reviewer Statistics for 2014

Here are a few factoid statistics about the JGR Space Physics referees for 2014. We had exactly 1000 papers last year that were sent out for review. We send each of these to two reviewers for the initial round. Some papers even get a third reviewer for the first round, if the two reviews warrant it. On each subsequent submission of a manuscript, papers might go to zero, one, or two reviewers, and again another referee might be pulled into the mix during the process. So, given all of this, the total number of reviews conducted for JGR Space Physics in 2014 is…3,495. I’ll let you do the math for the average.

We sent out 7,355 requests to review. That’s a 48% acceptance rate, which I think is very good. Remember, JGR Space Physics has an editorial practice of sending out requests to four people (usually) in order to secure the initial two referees. As people decline, we send out additional requests, keeping the number of requests pending in the two-to-four range until two reviewers agree. Therefore, I am not surprised at the 48% acceptance rate; this number makes perfect sense given our procedures.

Note that there were 221 times when we designated a potential reviewer with the “no response” label. This is given a day or two after the third contact email is sent to you. You can still accept after that, but we usually stop sending you chasers at that point (unless I really want you as a reviewer).

A number that I really like is the accept-to-decline ratio. There were 1666 declines registered in 2014, so this ratio is 2.1. This means that over two-thirds of the recorded responses to our requests were acceptances. You people say yes a lot more than you say no.

As I said in my previous post about outstanding reviewers, we had 1409 people serve as referees for JGR Space Physics in 2014. The average is 2.5, a number that includes “re-reviews” of revised manuscripts. We had 164 people complete 5 or more reviews last year; if you were in this category, then you were one of our workhorse referees and I greatly appreciate your service to the journal. A truly outstanding number is that there are 609 of you that have 100% acceptance rates in 2014, clicking yes every time you were asked (i.e., never declining and never being in the “not needed” category). Awesome job!

The above statistics are part of the reason why I think you are spectacular people. The space physics research community proactively agrees to serve, giving up some of their time in the form of high-quality, objective assessments of other people’s work. Thank you very much for all of your hard work to make JGR Space Physics what it is!



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