NSF Geospace Portfolio Review

I am siting here at the Agency Town Hall at the Triennial Earth-Sun Summit meeting in Indianapolis, listening to Janet Kozyra talk about the NSF Geospace Science program. This reminds me to send out a public service announcement about the Geospace Portfolio Review going on right now. The Portfolio Review Committee is accepting comments until May 31, 2015.

Atmospheric and Geospace Sciences (AGS)


            Delores Knipp and Bill Lotko wrote an editorial for Space Weather explaining this process, including a call for input from the community to the committee.

There are two big themes that the committee is charged to consider and for which they will develop recommendations. The first is the “critical capabilities” needed for enabling science progress on the objectives in the 2013 Solar and Space Physics Decadal Survey. The second is the balance of investments and if any “rebalance” is needed.

Because it is NSF, not only are intellectual merit considerations being considered by the committee but also considerations regarding broader impacts are within scope of the discussion and recommendations. They are also assuming a flat budget, which means suggestions for new or augmented program initiatives will have to come at the expense of other existing programs. Keep that in mind with your comments to the panel; strong justifications must accompany their recommendations. Finally, comments on not only domestic programs and facilities but also international partnerships are solicited and encouraged.

So, again: the Portfolio Review Committee is accepting community input right now, and this input period is only open until May 31, 2015. To echo the title of the editorial now is the time to be heard! Additional information, including committee membership, is located here:



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