Travel Grants From AGU

As many of you prepare abstracts for the 2015 AGU Fall Meeting, the deadline for which is August 5, I’d like to bring to your attention the various travel grants available from AGU to increase participation at this meeting. The link is here. Here’s a quick overview of what’s available:

  • General Student Travel Grant: all students may apply, but they take into account financial need
  • Lloyd V. Berkner Travel Fellowship: for early career scientists under 35 who are citizens of “low-income” countries
  • David E. Lumley Young Scientist Scholarship: for high school and undergraduate students studying energy and environmental science
  • David S. Miller Young Scientist Scholarship: for undergraduate or graduate students in geo-environmental science or engineering
  • Edmond M. Dewan Young Scientist Scholarship: for graduate students studying topics related to atmospheric sciences and space physics

Yes, that last one is specifically designated for our field. Applications are open and the deadline for submission is August 12. Recipients will be informed September 2.

Not on that page but at the main AGU list of funds is the Carl ‘Max’ Hammond Student Travel Endowment Fund, which specifically funds a space physics student attending an AGU meeting for the first time. Perhaps this is made available through the general travel grant application.

There are also reduced registration fees for citizens from lower-incoming countries, anyone at grad student education level or below, high school teachers, and retirees.

How does AGU afford to offer these discounts and travel support packages? A big part of this funding is from gift giving to AGU. The full range of giving options are described here. If you want AGU to have extra funding to make additional grants and waivers available, then now is the time to give in order to influence the number of awards given by that September 2 announcement date.

Extra giving is actually a minor part of AGU’s overall budget, around 1% of annual income. However, the total budget includes huge costs like the publication and meetings line items, and it turns out that voluntary giving is a significant part of the funding for these grants. Donating to the “annual” funds is an immediate pass-through to the award allocations for that year, while donations to the “endowment” funds are invested and provide support to people over many years.

If eligible, then please consider applying to these travel support opportunities.

If able, then please consider donating to travel support opportunities.


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