AOSS is now Climate and Space

On a personal note, my department here at the University of Michigan has just changed names, as of today. I am now a faculty member of the Department of Climate and Space Sciences and Engineering. Over the last few decades, we have been slowing changing scope among our faculty research interests and course offerings. We were also the only department in Michigan’s College of Engineering without the word “engineering” in its name. In the end, this change was brought about by forces both internal and external. We’ll be known simply as “Climate and Space.”

CLaSP logo

We are still all of the same people here, just a different name. Same email addresses, since they were just “” without the department name included in them. I get to order new business cards and make a new letterhead template, though. For any alumni or friends out there wanting new Climate and Space swag, or nostalgic for collectible AOSS swag, we’ve got some trinkets and other items to give away over the coming months.

This should in no way affect my role as JGR Space Physics Editor in Chief, but it has been a bit of a distraction over the last year. I am glad that it is finally here and happening and we can just adopt the new name and move on.


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