Open Special Sections

JGR Space Physics has a number of open special sections right now. You can find them on the main page for the journal at a link in the right-hand column called “Call for Papers” under the Journal Resources heading.


            There are five open special sections right now. I’m going to list them here in the order in which they close, rather than the order they appear on the page or the order they were approved. They are:

“Nature of Turbulence, Dissipation, and Heating in Space Plasmas From Alfvén Waves to Kinetic Alfvén Waves”: papers are welcome on any aspect of electric or magnetic wave phenomena, from large-scale MHD waves to small-scale high-frequency kinetic scale waves. Studies on wave excitation, propagation, wave-wave coupling, and wave-particle interactions are encouraged. The scope is across all regions of space physics, including solar, heliospheric, geospace, and planetary environments. This special section is open for submissions until 30 November 2015.

            “Inner Magnetosphere Coupling: Recent Advances”: papers are welcome on the interactions within different plasma populations in the inner magnetosphere (plasmasphere, ring current, radiation belts), coupling between fields and plasma populations, as well as effects of the inner magnetosphere on the ionosphere and atmosphere. The emphasis on the coupling processes between the plasma populations, plasma and fields, or inner magnetospheric region with other areas of geospace. This special section is open for submissions until 1 January 2016.

“Big Storms of the Van Allen Probes Era”: papers are welcome that document new understanding of radiation belts and ring current processes during intense magnetic storms. The emphasis is on multi-point measurements from the various satellite constellations operating during the “big storms” from this present solar maximum. This special section is open for submissions until 8 January 2016.

“Energetic Electron Loss and its Impacts on the Atmosphere”: Manuscripts are solicited that report advancements in energy (>20 keV) electron precipitation and their impacts on the Earth’s atmosphere. This special section is being run jointly with JGR-Atmospheres and is open for submissions through 29 January 2016. Authors submit to either journal and the paper is handled independently by that editorial board. The published papers will be listed together on the special section webpage. Here is an example listing from a recent joint section with JGR-Atmospheres.

“Unsolved Problems in Magnetospheric Physics”: Original research papers as well as Commentaries (link: Sept Commentaries post) are welcome on the most salient research questions still to be addressed by the magnetospheric physics community. The ultimate aim is to stimulate research efforts on these topics and thus advance understanding of magnetospheric physics in general. Note that Commentaries must be approved by the JGR Space Physics editorial board prior to submission. This special section is open for submissions until 1 February 2016.

As papers in each special section are published, they will be available through the regular journal website as well as through the “Special Issues” link near the top of the JGR Space Physics page. This page also allows you to search for special topics within the entire set of special sections since AGU switched to digital publishing in 2002.

There are a couple of others that I know about that are currently in the drafting and approval process. I’ll write another post on those in the near future. If you have an idea for a special section, then please feel free to contact me. The form for special section proposals is available at the main JGR Space Physics website down the right-hand column.


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