Thanks To All

It’s Thanksgiving in the United States today, and as we rapidly approach the halfway point in my tenure as Editor in Chief of JGR Space Physics, I’d like to say thanks to all of those out there that keep this publication running.


            First off, let me say thanks to Nick Violette and Paige Wooden, the Senior Editorial Assistant and Senior Journal Program Manager for JGR Space Physics, respectively. They are the staff at AGU HQ that keep the editorial process running smoothly. I greatly appreciate their efficiency, competency, and positivity. They are fantastic people to work with and I greatly appreciate their dedication to the journal. Of course, Brooks Hanson, AGU’s Director of Publications, deserves a huge thank you for his insightful and visionary leadership. He is expertly steering the AGU publication juggernaut forward in this rapidly changing landscape of digital dissemination and into the uncharted future of Open Access and Open Data. There are also many others at AGU HQ to thank as well, like Mary Warner, the Assistant Director for Editorial Management, Jeanette Panning, the Assistant Director for Publications Programs, Lorraine Hall-Petty, the Editorial Coordinator, Victoria Forlini, the Pubs Assistant Director who has moved up and on in the AGU org chart this year, Dana Rehm, the Director of Marketing, who has been instrumental in launching and maintaining the “AGU Space” Facebook page, and Barb Richman, the EiC of Eos, who works hard to get our Research Spotlights published. Also, I’d like to thank the other EAs and JPMs that have helped with JGR Space Physics over the last year, like Dawit, Carol, Pam, Phil, Bev, Brian, Mike. I hope I didn’t forget anyone. Oh, and one more at AGU HQ to thank: Chris McEntee, AGU’s Executive Director, with whom I have been very impressed. She is a strong advocate of Earth and space science and an amazing administrator and strategic thinker.

May thanks also go out to the Wiley staff who produce and publish JGR Space Physics. I have had excellent interactions with Lisa Burstiner, Swapna Padhye, Anne Stone, and Matt Hollender, to name a few. The acceptance-to-publication time for our journal is under a month and I appreciate the responsiveness of Wiley to our requests for process and website improvements.

I would also like to thank the other Editors of JGR Space Physics: Larry Kepko, Yuming Wang, Michael Balikhin, and Alan Rodger. You rock. You not only carry out your numerous and continuous editorial duties, but also deliberate and decide with me on the strategic vision and future direction for the journal. I am very thankful and grateful to count you four among my friends.

I would also like to thank our Associate Editors: Anton Artemyev, Matt Fillingim, Natalia Ganushkina, Qiang Hu, Xing Li, Merav Opher, Jimmy Raeder, and David Shkyar. These people serve as “super reviewers” for the journal, and we rely on them for expert advice and guidance in our decision-making. Thanks for all that you do.

Finally, I would like to thank all of those that have served as reviewers for the journal. About the only word that comes to mind is…wow. I have a profound appreciation for the space physics community and the service-oriented mindset embedded in our culture. Thanks to the many hundreds of you out that that have worked to make JGR Space Physics the journal that it is.



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