At the AGU Meeting

The last couple of months have been pretty full for me. I tried to add a new thing to my work life for which I didn’t really have time, and it squeezed other activities. Mostly, it reduced my writing time, as new manuscript prep ground to a halt for me. I kept my New Year’s Resolution of writing 30 minutes a day for quite a few months, but lately it has greatly suffered. I tried hard to keep up with my JGR Space Physics editorial duties. The biggest interruptions to that were other JGR duties, in particular selecting new Associate Editors and preparing for our annual business meeting, which is this week.

I am looking forward to a relaxing week of science presentations and conversations in San Francisco at the Fall 2015 AGU Meeting. Seriously, I am excited about the week ahead, not only hearing about all of the cool new science results people have worked up but also visiting with all of you.



            For those of you also at this meeting, please feel free to find me and say hello. Even if I don’t know you, I would like to meet you. Please forgive me if I can’t immediately recall your name; there are ~25,000 attendees, of which a couple thousand are space physicists.

You can talk to me about anything, but if you are looking for a conversation starter, then how about this: what is something that you really like about AGU journals? People with gripes will always find me; it is for them that I started this blog, to have a venue for answering those questions and addressing those concerns. I’d like to hear the good stuff, too. I am not asking specifically about JGR Space Physics, but about all of AGU’s journals and the general topic of scientific publications. What works well? We expect everything to go well, and so those running the journals often only get feedback in the form of complaints about the things that don’t go well. The “squeaky wheel mentality” of addressing the loud and negative voices can actually have unintended consequences. When we only hear grievances, it could be that we change something that actually was working very well for most people. It’s good for us to get some positive feedback, too, so that we know what is helpful, easy, and worthwhile.

If you think of something, then let me know about some aspect of paper writing, reviewing, publishing, or reading that you find good.


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