Finding Me at Fall AGU

I am bouncing around between geospace and planetary sessions throughout the week, as well as a couple talks in solar/heliospheric and atmospheric electricity sessions. I am absolutely certain that I will be in these places this week: my poster presentation Friday morning, SM51C-2571, the oral presentation that is not on the schedule in SM53B in room 2016, plus I am chairing two sessions, P21C in Moscone West Room 2007 on Tuesday morning and SM53 in West 2018 on Friday afternoon. You can definitely find me at these times and places.

In addition, AGU has arranged for Editors in Chief of its journals to sign up for dedicated time at the AGU Booth at the Fall AGU Meeting, in the Poster Hall in Moscone South, just to the left of the poster help desk. I, and most other Editors in Chief, have signed up to be there. Here are the times for some space-relevant journal EiCs:

  • Me (JGR Space Physics): Monday 9-10 am and Wednesday 3-4 pm
  • Delores Knipp (Space Weather): Tuesday 3-4 pm
  • Phil Wilkinson (Radio Science): Tuesday 12-1 pm, Wednesday 3-4 pm, and Thursday 12-1 pm
  • Mark Moldwin (Reviews of Geophysics): Thursday 3:30-4 pm
  • John Orcutt (Earth and Space Sciences): Monday 2-3 pm and Tuesday 10-11 am
  • Noah Diffenbaugh (Geophysical Research Letters): Tuesday 3-5 pm

Stop by and say hello.

There is also the SPA section reception on Tuesday evening in the Marriott, Salons 10/11 from 7:30 – 9:00. I think that all of us will be there, too. Yes, note the slight time change from what was posted earlier. This is to accommodate the SPA Agency Night, over in Moscone West from 6:15 – 7:15 pm that night. There will be heavy appetizers and the SPA awards ceremony will be at this reception starting at 8:30.

014_2484_AGU Space FB image-final


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