Wanted: GRL Editors

The two space physics editors for Geophysical Research Letters, Benoit Lavraud and Bill Peterson, have been at the job for 6 years. They would like to rotate out of this role. There is an open call for this position on the AGU Pubs website. The call is rather general, and more information is found at the PDF file linked at the bottom of the announcement.

GRL banner

            Let me repeat some of the material in the call:

“Applicants should be respected leaders in the community, independent-minded, and even-handed. As Editor you should be (1) committed to further strengthen GRL as a leading AGU letters journal, (2) proactive in attracting innovative contributions in both traditional disciplines and emerging fields, and (3) able to commit to GRL’s fast publication pace. The Union is interested in attracting papers in developing areas and ensuring that readers of GRL receive the highest impact peer-reviewed scientific results in the most timely fashion possible.”

At the main page for GRL, you can read more about the journal’s mission, including the full aims and scope.

Space physics will suffer without two well qualified people from our research community on the GRL editorial board. Please think about it. If you feel the call to this service role, then I highly encourage you to explore it further.

If you want to know more, then please contact the current space physics editors of GRL. They have been at the job a long time and both are a wealth of information about the position. In addition, you can contact the GRL Editor in Chief, Noah Diffenbaugh. Noah will be at the AGU Pubs Booth from 3-5 pm Tuesday (today!) here at the Fall AGU Meeting, and this would be an excellent time to catch him. He is the one that will actually appoint the next space physics editors of GRL and with whom those two will closely work. You can also contact me about life as an Editor of an AGU journal.


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