Catching Up

The last 3 weeks have not been good for keeping up with editing for me. First the plug of work before the AGU Meeting, then the Fall AGU Meeting itself, and then a week with a final exam, end-of-term grading, in-laws coming to town, and Christmas. I still managed to put in several hours a week, but it was not enough to stay up with the influx of editorial work. Plus, I was preparing for and leading a JGR Space Physics business meeting in San Francisco and other Editor in Chief duties during the week.

This is really just a word of advice for those out there thinking about the open editor positions with Geophysical Research Letters that I mentioned a couple weeks ago or other editorial opportunities that occasionally come up for our community. Editing a journal takes a few hours a week, every week, and it does not go away or get done by others if you ignore it. I have to spend at least 5 hours a week on manuscript editorial management, plus whatever extra time I spend being EiC. So, future editors, please keep this in mind: you have to be prepared to carve out regular time in your life, for the entire duration of your term, to stay abreast of the workflow. It’s relentless. It’s worth it, though. The good definitely outweighs the bad. I’m just letting you know that as an editor you have to make time for editing, continuously, and that it will cut into other things you used to do during that time.

I spend a minimum of 5 hours a week on JGR Space Physics. I was fully caught up a week before the AGU Meeting, but then I had to pay attention to the strategic and managerial aspects of my duties. The week before and during AGU, I spent more than 5 hours a week on JGR Space Physics, but it was only partially on manuscript processing, so I got a bit behind. I did about 5 hours of editing last week, but it wasn’t enough. So, yesterday, today, and probably tomorrow, I’m catching up. This week is going to be close to 15 hours, I think.



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