Tweet-Length Key Points

All AGU journals require authors to write 3 key points about their papers. These are intentionally capped with a character length to keep them short and focus attention on the significant new science nuggets revealed in the study. I’ve written about these before, but I would like to reiterated to all that this is a critical element of publicizing your paper to the research community, as it is posted on the journal’s website just below the title and author list. These are the catchy phrases that will draw in potential readers. Please spend time on them.

When this requirement was first introduced, the length was capped at 80 characters. It was then increased to 100 characters and, just recently, increased again to 140 characters. Yep, Tweet length. If you are one that uses Twitter, your key points are now equivalent to a posting on that social media site.


            It is your call whether you make the key point statements full or partial sentences. I will offer this advice to you: unless you are using a new methodology, focus the key points on the scientific advancements rather than the motivation or technique. I have no bibliometric statistics to back up this request, but I personally find it far more informative when these points highlight what was learned rather than what was done, or even why it was done. Same thing goes for the title, too: please focus on the science, not the methodology.

Enjoy tweeting your papers’ key points to the world.


2 thoughts on “Tweet-Length Key Points

  1. RE: Tweet-Length Key Points
    The AGU/JGR author guidelines and checklists still say that the maximum length of key points is either 80 or 100, or omitted.
    These guidelines and checklists need to be updated.

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