Please Help Us Review

I just have one word to describe my life as Editor in Chief of JGR Space Physics right now: uff da. Okay, that was two, but I am of Scandanavian descent and it is a good, multi-definitional phrase for how I feel right now. Kind of like this:


The space physics community is prolific, as I pointed out in one of my very first posts, resulting in ~4 new submissions every work day. Right now, however, we have several special section call for papers with due dates that have just passed or are rapidly approaching. In particular, the four special sections on Measurement Techniques in Solar and Space Physics, for which we expect ~150 papers, more than a 10% increase to our annual new manuscript numbers.  The submission rate at the moment is, well, big.

In short, we are buried in work right now. Let me say, first: thank you very much to all of you out there are doing reviews for us or who have done one in the recent past. We greatly appreciate your service to the journal and to the space physics research community!

Still, though, we have a great need for even more help in the coming weeks. So, my biggest request to the community is to please answer the call when asked to review a manuscript. We would greatly prefer if the answer was yes, but even if it is no, please respond quickly so that we can move on to other potential reviewers. We really need your cooperation right now to get through the rather large plug of new submissions. Even if you have done a review in the recent past, right now could a time when we shorten the “normal” reprieve of a few months between new assignment requests and instead send people rapid-succession requests. We are not picking on you; it is what is needed of the community right now.

Now, also, is a great time for those that feel underworked as reviewers to send me an email and let me know that you are willing and able to help with the load. GEMS has a very good catalog of potential reviewers, but if you can take on more refereeing service then we could use the prompting and reminder from you. I will pass your name on the rest of the Editors and we will try to send you a request in the near future.

Finally, please be patient if manuscripts take slightly longer than usual. JGR Space Physics is historically one of the fastest AGU journals with respect to time-to-first-decision and time-to-final-decision, but the volume of submissions lately (and still expected for the coming weeks) could cause this number to suffer a bit. I hope not, but please bear with us.



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