AGU Ethics for Editors

At the AGU Ethics website, there is a section on Publication Ethics with a link to a detailed page about this topic. I’ve written a post about author ethics and commented on reviewer ethics, but it is interesting to note that the very first section of this page is Ethical Obligations of Editors.


They list 8 points for editors to follow:

  1. Provide unbiased consideration to all manuscripts offered for publication.
  2. Process all manuscripts promptly.
  3. Take full responsibility for the integrity of the peer review.
  4. Ensure the peer review process is objective, fair, and thorough.
  5. Maintain peer review confidentiality.
  6. Respect the intellectual independence of authors.
  7. Avoid conflict of interest.
  8. Quickly facilitate publication of errata to correct erroneous information in a published report.

It’s good to know that there is a publicly available list like this. I think that we (the current editorial board) uphold all of these obligations and sincerely hope that we will for the rest of our tenure as editors.

If at some point you think that we don’t maintain these responsibilities, then please let us know. I would rather be confronted with an issue and get it addressed than let it fester and foster resentment. I don’t want a disgruntled community. If it something you feel is too sensitive to bring up directly with me or the editor assigned to the paper in question, then please feel empowered to contact AGU directly at This address goes to AGU HQ staff, who are very professional and would handle the complaint discreetly.



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