Reviewer Statistics for 2015

We, the five Editors of JGR Space Physics just published an Editorial thanking the 1,506 scientists that served as peer reviewers in 2015. We greatly appreciate all that is done by the research community members to make this journal what it is. Thank you!


This is a photo taken at our editorial board meeting at AGU HQ in July 2014.

This is an increase of about 100 people from last year. The total number of reviews conducted was 3,592, also about 100 more than last year. We sent out 7,660 requests to review last year, which is up about 300 from last year, so our response rate dropped just slightly, down to 47%. Still, a great number, since this includes the “not needed” designation when others fill the two reviewer slots before the rest of the requests are answered. If you remove this category (1755 requests that were “not needed”), then the acceptance rate jumps up to 83%. Awesome!

A value I reported last year is the accept-to-decline ratio. There were 1884 declines, therefore this ratio is 1.9, just slightly lower than last year but still very high. Thanks for saying yes so often to our requests.

Yet another number for comparison with last year’s reviewer statistics: there were 341 times that a request was designated as “no response.” This is when the potential reviewer didn’t answer repeated requests and so we moved on to others. This is different than “not needed,” which is when other potential reviewers filled all of the desired slots before that person found time to answer. With a better than 10-to-1 ratio of acceptances to no responses, I think the community is doing very well. So, thank you, again!

Other 2015 stats from the Editorial: (a) the average number of manuscripts reviewed for each reviewer that served last year was 2.4; (b) 277 people did 4 or more reviews in 2015; (c) the total number of manuscript final decisions in 2015 was 1,147; (d) the acceptance rate was 67%; (e) there were 1,334 revision decisions; (f) on average an Editor makes 2.2 “decisions” for every assigned paper; (g) there are 3.1 reviews needed per manuscript, including reviews of revisions.

Again, thanks for all of your hard work for JGR Space Physics. We really appreciate the community support for this journal.



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