New Areas of Expertise in GEMS

In the JGR Space Physics GEMS manuscript submission and review system, each person can select “Areas of Expertise” within their profile settings. The entries in this list have been developed over the decades, with each editorial board tweaking them a bit. They are not quite the same as AGU Index Terms, but most map pretty closely to that other list. Editors use this list to help find appropriate reviewers for manuscripts. That is, in the editorial section of GEMS, there are search tools for finding people registered in the GEMS system that have selected one or more of these Areas of Expertise. It’s a nice way to filter prospective reviewers based on self-provided information, rather than simply authorship of similar papers.

The editorial board of JGR Space Physics has recently finalized additions to this list of Areas of Expertise. We have added 18 new listings, which we think fills in some holes in the previous list, especially regarding the upper atmosphere and the various research techniques that we employ.

To really make these Areas of Expertise work, space physics researchers need to update their profile in GEMS, so that there are people associated with these new Areas of Expertise. We now need everyone in the space physics community to log in to GEMS and click on the “Modify Profile/Password” link, near the bottom of the page:


I encourage you to update any aspect of your profile that needs revision, but my special request is that you scroll down near the bottom and update your selections of Areas of Expertise:



There is a second field, very similarly titled as “Area of Expertise,” which is a free-form keyword entry. This is also searchable by editors to help them find potential reviewers.

Like I said above, JGR Space Physics Editors use these Areas of Expertise for searching/filtering the database to find potential reviewers for papers. Selecting these Areas of Expertise is a huge convenience for us, but it is also a convenience for you: hopefully this will reduce the number of times that we send you papers outside of your comfort zone and speed up the flow of your manuscripts through the editorial/review process. So, we would greatly appreciate it if you could please log in to GEMS and scan through the new list of Areas of Expertise and click any updates to your selections.


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