Passing 50000 Hits

An arbitrary but round-number milestone was reached this week: this JGR Space Physics blog passed the 50 thousand hits mark. Here’s the image from the bottom of the screen, as of a few minutes ago:


Thank you very much to all of the readers of this blog out there, whether you are regular or one-time-only visitors. Watching this number steadily rise lets me know that this effort is worth it.

Here are a few other stats about the blog readership. First, here’s a plot of the daily visitors and page views (i.e., hits) for the last month:


The numbers at the bottom are the values for today, as of a few minutes ago. As you can see, the blog normally gets between 50-100 page views a day, with a bit less on the weekends. The huge spike on May 9 is when my monthly highlights announcement came out in the SPA Newsletter. Those days typically get several hundred hits.

Here is a chart of the visitors and views per month for the last year:


The values at the bottom are for June, which is only three and a half days old. You can see that the blog hovers in the ~2000 views/month range, except for January, which I took off from blogging. That month still had ~1400 visits.

Here are the top 10 blog posts viewed so far in 2016:


            The “home page” is the most commonly visited, and on this page people can read the latest five posts. Interestingly, the next four are all from 2014. I struck on a good topic with those, and for the most part they are instructive posts on how to understand the AGU manuscript process. Only three on this top-10 list are from this year, but the “home page” views are also view of this year’s posts, so that should count, too.

Most of the readers are from the United States. Here’s the map of 2016 views by country:


It’s a little easier in table format; here are the top ten countries visiting the blog in 2016:


Countries from almost every continent are on the list. Thanks for being such a diverse audience.

One final factoid: I’ve written 162 blog posts (this is number 163). I’m two and half years into my four-year term as Editor in Chief, so I am pretty safe in saying that the majority of blog posts have already been written, unless I really pick up the pace in the final year. Please keep the blog post suggestions coming; I eventually get around to writing about most of them. If it seems that I’ve lost one of your suggestions, please feel free to send it in again.


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