Summer 2016 Open Special Sections

Occasionally I post an article here about the open special sections with JGR Space Physics and it’s time I did that again. At the main page for the journal there is a link a little bit down the right-hand column, “Call for Papers”.

There are two or five open special sections right now, depending on how you count them.

“Geospace system responses to the St. Patrick’s Day storms in 2013 and 2015”: March 17 has been an exciting day this solar cycle, with very large geomagnetic storms occurring in both 2013 and 2015. This special section is open to any paper on any aspect of geospace activity during these two storms. Of particular interest to the organizers are coupling across geospace boundaries, especially from the magnetosphere to the ionosphere-thermosphere and down to the mesophere. We even have a special banner logo for it:


The deadline has shifted a month to July 15. This is only a month away, so get writing and get the paper in soon.

“Measurement Techniques in Solar and Space Physics”: in the late 1990s, there was a two-part Geophysical Monograph set on this same topic. It was time to do it again. After a conference in April 2015, the organizers explored options for publishing articles from the presentations. They selected JGR Space Physics. The expectation was ~150 papers across all possible instrumentation methodologies for our field, and so we divided into 4 special sections. One is subtitled “Particles”, another “Fields”, a third one is “Photons”, and a fourth is “Ground-Based and Optical.” We have over 85 submissions (unique papers, not counting revision submissions) and we are expecting quite a few more. The original deadline has past but we have shifted it to allow the remaining papers to come in: it is now August 15. Most of the papers in these 4 special sections are Technical Reports: Methods paper type, which require an original contribution to how we do space physics and a demonstrated applicability to eventually lead to additional understanding of space physics, but the Methods paper itself does not have to include a scientific advancement itself. Also, note that you didn’t have to attend the conference to submit a paper to any of these special sections; everyone with an instrumentation advancement is welcome to write a paper for these collections.

I know that there is at least one proposal in the works for another special section. If you are thinking about it, then please grab the Special Section Proposal Form just a few spots down from “Call for Papers” in the right-hand column of the journal website. Or email me and I’ll send it to you.


4 thoughts on “Summer 2016 Open Special Sections

  1. What’s the accepted format for citing articles included in Special Sections? Do you cite JGR:SP as you normally would or do you reference the title of the special section?

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