LWS TR&T Feedback Request

A few months ago, I let Alexa Halford, a member of the NASA LWS TR&T Steering Committee, write a guest blog post requesting input for the creation of the TR&T Focused Science Topic (FST) list for next year’s ROSES call. That process went well, and the TR&T Steering Committee is now on to the next stage, which is gathering community feedback on the draft FST list. Alexa asked to write another guest blog post about this, again based on her longer post at her blog. Here it is.


Urgent! Comments on LWS TR&T FSTs are due July 18th 2016

First off, Thank you all for submitting research topics earlier this year! We had a total of 57 proposed topics and many more comments. The living with a star steering committee met back in May and we tried to collate the topics into themes which became the 15 Focused Science Topics (FSTs) that we plan to submit to NASA headquarters. You can find the FSTs here.

But before we submit these FSTs, we need your help! We would love to get feed back from the community on the FSTs. Do you like them? Did we miss something? Does that sentence even make sense? Let us know what you think (by July 18th). Later this year we will take these comments and edit the current draft FSTs before finalizing  and  sending them off to NASA headquarters. You can comment until July 18th on individual topics or on the entire document. As you may remember from past years, headquarters will then decide on if they want to use these proposed FSTs or others, combine them or edit them  before turning them into ROSES FY17 calls. So make sure your voice is heard and help us make these the best Focused Science Topics our field has seen!

Thanks so much for your involvement with this process! Personally, I think we have a great set of FSTs (that I’m sure can be improved with your help) and that in large part is due to the strong community involvement we saw this year. Thank you!


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