AGU’s Editors’ Vox

Having never taken Latin in my youth, I had to look it up: the word vox simply means “voice.” So, it was only reasonable that Brooks Hanson, AGU’s Director of Publications, entitled his inaugural post at the AGU’s Editors’ Vox like this, “The Voice of AGU’s Editors.” Started late last year, it is a place for the editors of AGU’s 19 journals “to share their perspective more widely and as a way of elevating a broader dialog on important science.” It’s a blog, just like this, without official citation information or DOI assignment, but the postings are included in the Eos electronic alerts, to which hopefully many of you subscribe.


            Over the last few months, the Editors of JGR Space Physics have begun participating in this new forum. Editor Yuming Wang was the first of us to jump in, writing about community efforts to understand geoeffective CMEs. Editor Larry Kepko used another format at the Editors’ Vox: an interview. He authored a GRL paper on the origins of the slow solar wind, and AGU staff posed questions to him as the basis for a Vox post about it. I finally got around to writing one in the late spring on Saturn’s magnetosphere, motivated by the Cassini MAPS meeting that was held here in Ann Arbor in May. I just had a second one appear today about the Unsolved Problems in Magnetospheric Physics Workshop last fall, which became the motivator for a JGR special section comprised mostly of Commentaries.

Editors’ Vox articles are not all about scientific results, though. For instance, Space Weather EiC Delores Knipp wrote a Vox article on the Space Weather Research and Forecasting Act, Senate Bill 2817, which will help implement the National Space Weather Action Plan. Another example is the Vox post by GRL Editor Paul Williams about how controversy is good for scientific advancement. A final example I’ll give is Tectonics EiC John Geissman’s article about including geoethics in our research and our teaching curricula.

We’re having fun with it. I hope that you enjoy them.


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