Peer Review Week

Did you know that there is an event called “Peer Review Week”? Apparently, it’s a conference, half in-person, half virtual. The second annual one of these was just held last month. This year’s theme was “Recognition for Review.”   I found it interesting to read the blurbs about the conference speakers.

On this note, AGU has been exploring some options for better recognition of peer reviewers. The main recognition is the Reviewer Excellence Award, for which Editors select a very tiny handful of peer reviewers for recognition each year. We are only allowed to pick a number equal to 0.1% of the total number of new submissions to the journal. For JGR Space Physics, that’s 10-12 people; not a lot. They get their name in Eos and a special reception at the Fall AGU Meeting. AGU also passes on the number of reviews each person did to their ORCID account, and this aggregate information is then a verified documentation and recognition of your service.

On a related note, Noah Diffenbaugh, the EiC of GRL, wrote a recent Editors’ Vox article, “Stuff My Reviewers Say.” He brings up a very good point that most reviewing work is uncredited and unknown to nearly everyone, except the author and editor. I would like to echo his comment that nearly all reviews are constructive and provide helpful advice for making the science better. By “science” I mean any aspect of the study, from the historical perspective in the introduction, setting up the hypothesis, the description and choices made in the methodology, the presentation of the results, the discussion of the findings, and the summary of the work in the Abstract or Conclusions. Reviewers do a lot of work to make our research community function.

I’ve said it before, but thanks again for all of your hard work out there for JGR Space Physics. The journal could not exist without the thousands of hours a year invested by the research community to assess each other’s work and provide high-quality vetting before acceptance.

And, then, of course, there is this. Here’s a particularly funny one:



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