Top-10 Papers of 2012

I’d like to continue with my lists of top papers from past years of JGR Space Physics. Here is the list for 2012. Again, the citation information used to generate this list was taken from Web of Science on December 30, 2017.

The list of Top-10 Most Cited Papers published in 2012 in JGR Space Physics:

  1. Meredith et al., Global model of lower band and upper band chorus from multiple satellite observations, 95 citations
  2. Usanova et al., THEMIS observations of electromagnetic ion cyclotron wave occurrence: Dependence on AE, SYMH, and solar wind dynamic pressure, 89 citations
  3. Min et al., Global distribution of EMIC waves derived from THEMIS observations, 89 observations
  4. Gjerloev, J. W., The SuperMAG data processing technique, 86 citations
  5. Schrijver, C. J., et al., Estimating the frequency of extremely energetic solar events, based on solar, stellar, lunar, and terrestrial records, 68 citations
  6. Jin, H., et al., Response of migrating tides to the stratospheric sudden warming in 2009 and their effects on the ionosphere studied by a whole atmosphere-ionosphere model GAIA with COSMIC and TIMED/SABER observations, 66 citations
  7. Jia, X., et al., Magnetospheric configuration and dynamics of Saturn’s magnetosphere: A global MHD simulation, 62 citations
  8. Dwyer, J. R., The relativistic feedback discharge model of terrestrial gamma ray flashes, 61 citations
  9. Fu, H. S., et al., Pitch angle distribution of suprathermal electrons behind dipolarization fronts: A statistics overview, 56 citations
  10. Park, J., et al., Effect of sudden stratospheric warming on lunar tidal modulation of the equatorial electrojet, 54 citations

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Remember, all of these papers are only ~5 years old, so these citation numbers indicate a healthy rate of more than 10 per year since publication. That’s very high for our field.

I see one planetary study, one heliospheric, one techniques paper, three ionosphere-thermosphere related, and 4 magnetospheric physics focused papers in the list. So, the studies are distributed across all major themes of the journal’s scope.

That the top 3 are about plasma waves in the magnetosphere is probably not a coincidence; with the launch and commissioning of the Van Allen Probes in late 2012, this topic has become a central focus of the community since then. So, a stating-the-obvious take-away point from these examples: when there will be a flood of papers on a particular topic from a new spaceflight mission, it is perhaps useful to get a pre-mission paper published just before the prime mission phase.


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