Top-10 Papers of 2007

Here is one more post in this set of three with my lists of top papers from past years of JGR Space Physics. Here is the list for 2007; so, ~10 year-old papers. As a final reminder, these citation counts listed below were taken from Web of Science on December 30, 2017.

The list of Top-10 Most Cited Papers published in 2007 in JGR Space Physics:

  1. Summers, D., et al., Timescales for radiation belt electron acceleration and loss due to resonant wave-particle interactions: 2. Evaluation for VLF chorus, ELF hiss, and electromagnetic ion cyclotron waves, 310 citations
  2. Zhang, J., et al., Solar and interplanetary sources of major geomagnetic storms (Dst <= -100 nT) during 1996-2005, 267 citations (note: has a correction)
  3. Newell, P. T., et al., A nearly universal solar wind-magnetosphere coupling function inferred from 10 magnetospheric state variables, 232 citations
  4. Li, W., et al., Dynamic evolution of energetic outer zone electrons due to wave-particle interactions during storms, 214 citations
  5. Summers, D., Timescales for radiation belt electron acceleration and loss due to resonant wave-particle interactions: 1. Theory, 183 citations
  6. Lei, J., Comparison of COSMIC ionospheric measurements with ground-based observations and model predictions: Preliminary results, 167 citations
  7. Vadas, S. L., Horizontal and vertical propagation and dissipation of gravity waves in the thermosphere from lower atmospheric and thermospheric sources, 146 citations
  8. Meredith, N. P., et al., Slot region electron loss timescales due to plasmaspheric hiss and lightning-generated whistlers, 128 citations
  9. Omura, Y., et al., Relativistic turning acceleration of resonant electrons by coherent whistler mode waves in a dipole magnetic field, 118 citations
  10. Fejer, B. G., et al., Equatorial ionospheric electric fields during the November 2004 magnetic storm, 117 citations

For this crew, let’s suggest Totally Awesome stickers:


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Again, all of these papers have an average of over 10 citations per year. That’s high for any annual count of any paper in our field, but to sustain it for 10 years, that’s truly phenomenal. These papers, and their authors, deserve special acknowledgment. Congratulations on writing such highly-cited papers!

An interesting thing to point out is the one-two punch of the Summers et al. papers, both making it into this top-10 list. Paper #1 derives the formulas for the timescale analysis of several different combinations of plasma wave and energetic electron characteristics and then Paper #2 applies the specific wave properties for several magnetospheric plasma waves of particular relevance to the radiation belts. Danny and crew had a very good year!

Counting the research topics, I see one solar-heliospheric paper, one techniques paper (the “Paper #1: theory” one just discussed), one solar wind-magnetosphere coupling function study, three ionosphere-thermosphere papers, and 4 on radiation belt results. No planetary space environment papers made the top-10 list, but all of the other major disciplines within the journal scope are there.


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