AGU is launching a new journal

Happy Valentine’s Day!

AGU is launching a new journal, Earth and Space Science.  In case you missed the recent post in the AGUniverse newsletter (to which you should all subscribe), the official announcement is here:

This will be its masthead banner:



Like GRL, the scope of this journal cuts across all of the AGU disciplines.  It will span everything already covered in JGR-Space Physics, but I don’t feel like the new journal will threaten JGR.  Nor does AGU think it will threaten JGR (obviously, or they wouldn’t launch it).  JGR has strong brand recognition as a leading journal across a number of disciplines.  This new journal is, in some sense, a sibling to it, creating another journal in the hierarchy of scope and scale to which AGU members can submit manuscripts.  It will be a journal for longer papers (beyond the GRL limit) that might be of interest to a broader audience, or an interdisciplinary study that cuts across the specific niches of the existing journals.

It will be an open access journal, which means that it will have a higher publication cost per paper, but then the papers will be available to anyone.  Open access journal do not need subscriptions, but once it comes out, I highly recommend that you sign up for its weekly table of contents alert.  In fact, sign up for weekly content alerts from all of the relevant journals.  Whether or not you have (or need) a subscription to view the papers, it is useful to get these to see what is being published around the world.

With this announcement, AGU has opened the search for an Editor-in-Chief of this journal.  This will eventually lead to the selection of a full editorial board (i.e., the other editors and the associate editors).  More information about this is available at the website above.


2 thoughts on “AGU is launching a new journal

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