New “AGU Space” Facebook Page

When I created this blog, I also created a Facebook page for JGR-Space Physics. The main thing that I have used it for, however, was to spread the news of a new blog post, with very little extra content on it. This is about to change!

With the help and support of AGU HQ staff, my journal-specific Facebook page has been converted to a section-wide forum for all of Space Physics and Aeronomy. The new link is here:

with a cover art graphic:

014_2484_AGU Space FB image-final

and profile “picture:”


I love it! A big thank you to all of the AGU HQ staff that worked hard to make this happen, and a huge thank you to those that helped with my weird special unlike/re-like request so that the conversion of ownership could go quickly and easily.

There are now several administrators for this page (and perhaps even more in the future) that will regularly post information about news, upcoming events, science tidbits, and journal article highlights. I will still be posting links to new blog articles here, but please look forward to a lot more content coming your way through this social media channel. Please feel free to post on the wall of AGU Space!


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