AGU’s Sexual Harassment Pages

I have to do another post on this topic because this happened last weekend: AGU convened a workshop titled, “Sexual Harassment in the Sciences: A Call To Respond.” I wish I could have been there, but instead last Friday was Lois‘ dissertation defense. In case you were wondering, she successfully defended her thesis and is now Dr. Sarno-Smith. Yay for her!

AGU has created a nice page about this issue on their website that has many sub-pages of additional information about types of harassment, a listing of resources about harassment in the sciences, and a page on workshops and support, which at the moment just lists last Friday’s conference. The page also lists procedures for reporting an allegation of harassment by an AGU member (in short, submit it in writing to Here’s the graphic from the page:


            AGU has even convened a task force to review the society’s ethics policy and update it with respect to this issue. I look forward to seeing their results.

This issue affects our community and, when present, taints our interactions with each other. If I am every out of line, then please let me know. I don’t want to be a hypocrite. If you are ever involved in harassment related to AGU Publications and in particular JGR Space Physics, then please report the incident to the AGU Ethics Committee. Even better, though, please be part of building a no-tolerance culture for sexual harassment and engage in the fight against harassment.

2 thoughts on “AGU’s Sexual Harassment Pages

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